New TLDs spotted: .kinderis and .delzoppo

The Domain Name System braces itself for two larger than life TLDs

1st April 2012

Melbourne, Australia – 1st April 2012 – Following months of painstaking work and careful planning, ARI Registry Services can today reveal the two latest Top-Level Domains (TLD) it will be supporting as part of ICANN's new TLD program: .kinderis and .delzoppo.

The two TLDs – the surnames of Adrian Kinderis and Simon Delzoppo, the co-founders of ARI Registry Services – will create a space on the Internet completely dedicated to the legacy of two of the Internet's true gentlemen.

Mr Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, said it was about time his identity was etched permanently into the Internet.

"I've always felt there was something missing from the Internet and today I'm pleased to announce that I will be applying for my own personal vanity TLD. The namespace will be used solely to support a content network that represents the wide and varied aspects of my life – dns.kinderis, runningman.kinderis, romanwrestling.kinderis and most importantly jazzballet.kinderis.

"I also intend to launch my very own IM messaging service ADO-Message on the back of this TLD, whereby anyone online can speak with me anytime they like," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Delzoppo said he plans to submit a community-based application on behalf of all the Delzoppos around the world.

"My aim is to create a place on the Internet for Delzoppos to call their own. It will be the world's leading online community for people of the same surname. There is strong market demand amongst Delzoppos for this TLD and the financial modelling shows this will be a lucrative project," Mr Delzoppo said.

However, Mr Kinderis said he expects his application for .kinderis will be far from an open-and-shut case.

"I expect .kinderis to go into contention post April 12th, with multiple applicants fighting to secure this highly sought after namespace. We are prepared to invest the millions of dollars required to outbid the competition at auction in order to win the rights to this priceless TLD. This will be my contribution to the industry that has given (and taken) so much over the years, " Mr Kinderis said.

In speaking about his inspiration for this project, Mr Kinderis pointed to Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, an Abu Dhabi billionaire who etched his name into the desert so it can be seen from space.

Not to be outdone, Mr Kinderis said he was working on his own mega Earth carving exercise on a remote island in the South Pacific. He said the plan was to etch '.kinderis' into the Earth in order to create the world's only TLD visible from space.

Below is an artist's interpretation of the project:


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