ICANN's new Top-Level Domain reveal day: insight into applicant list

ARI Registry Services provides insight and analysis into the new Top-Level Domain application list

14th June 2012

Melbourne, Australia – 14th June 2012 – Following six years of development, the global governing body for the Internet (ICANN) yesterday unveiled details of the 1930 applications it received as part of the global program to expand the Internet's address system.

ICANN held a press conference in London to release the highly anticipated list of applicants. Below is an analysis of the key insights from the list.

General overview:

ICANN revealed the applications were received from 60 countries, as described below:

  • 911 applications came from North America (47.2%)
  • 675 from Europe (35%)
  • 303 applications are from the Asia-Pacific (15.7%)
  • 24 are from Latin America and the Caribbean (1.2%)
  • 17 from Africa (0.9%)

Some Top-Level Domains have been applied for by more than one applicant. There are 230 names for which at least two applications were submitted, involving a total of 751 applications (which equates to 39% of the total list). This means that provided all applicants pass evaluation, there will be 1409 new Top-Level Domains added to the root from the first round.

Interesting insights:


The world's most innovative and savvy brands have applied for a new TLD. We have seen applications from McDonalds, Apple, Microsoft and Google. In fact, Google was responsible for 101 applications, by the far the most of any brand. This was followed by Amazon with 76 and Microsoft with 11.

We will also see some interesting duel-offs between major brands in the near future when they go head-to-head for the same generic words. For instance, Google and Microsoft have both applied for the rights to .docs and .live.

There are also some notable absentees from the list. For instance:

  • McDonalds applied and KFC did not
  • Bugatti and Ferrari applied, but Porsche did not
  • Nike applied and Adidas did not
  • Tech heavy-weights Facebook, Twitter and eBay did not apply
  • The highly anticipated new TLD cola wars did not eventuate with Coke and Pepsi both not applying

Geographic spread:

The geographical spread of the applicants shows the program will be dominated by North America and Europe. North America and Europe account for more than 80% of all applications, while Asia Pacific will be underrepresented with only 15%, despite being home to more than 4 billion of the world's population.

Generic terms:

There will be a number of bidding wars for high value generic new Top-Level Domains such as .shop, .app and .art. The top 10 most contested new TLDs are:

  • 1. App = 13
  • 2. Inc = 11
  • 3. Home = 11
  • 4. Art = 10
  • 5. Shop = 9
  • 6. LLC = 9
  • 7. Blog = 9
  • 8. Book = 9
  • 9. Movie = 8
  • 10. Music = 8

Interesting insights about ARI Registry Services:

ARI Registry Services has signed 161 contracts to provide technology support for new Top-Level Domain (TLD) applications globally. This is spread across more than 100 applicants and equates to almost 10% of the total number of TLDs applied for.

From its list of clients, ARI Registry Services can reveal applications include generic names such as .web, .love, .shop and .film; branded names including .MTN, .starhub, and .afl; as well as geographic locations including .sydney, and .melbourne.

Of the 303 applications received in the Asia Pacific region, ARI Registry Services is supporting 106 (or 35% of the market).

ARI's 12 non-Latin (Internationalised or IDN) clients account for 10.34% of the total market (116 script based Top-Level Domains).

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, said: "Our applicants make up nearly 10% of the total number of TLDs applied for and represent some of the largest and most prominent brands, governments and entrepreneurs in the world. The number and calibre of our clients validates the program and demonstrates our position of leadership within the industry. We are very pleased with our results and look forward to what the future holds".


Note to editors:

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, will be providing expert analysis, insights and commentary on Thursday 14th of June 2012.

Also, ARI Registry Services has already made several public new TLD client announcements in recent times. These include:

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