Infographic: A glimpse of what the Internet will look like in the near future

21st June 2012

Following six years of development, the global governing body for the Internet (ICANN) unveiled details last week of the 1930 applications it received as part of the global program to expand the Internet's address system.

As expected, many of the world's largest and most prominent brands, cities and entrepreneurs forked out $185,000 each to apply for a corner of the Internet dedicated to their business interests.

High profile brands to apply for a new Top-Level Domain include the likes of McDonalds, Apple, Intel, Samsung and BMW. Notable omissions from the list of applicants include Nestle, HP, Coca-Cola, Colgate and eBay. Interestingly, exactly 50 percent of Interbrand's top 100 global brands in 2011 applied for a new Top-Level Domain.

Below is an infographic produced by ARI Registry Services which provides insights into who applied, what the most popular applications were and a possible rationale behind these applications.

From as early as next year, Internet users will be navigating entire corners of the Internet dedicated to their favourite brands, cities and hobbies. View the infographic below for a glimpse of what this new Internet might look like.