ICANN seeks community input on processing new Top-Level Domain applications

30th July 2012

Melbourne, Australia – 30th July 2012 - One month after terminating the digital archery process, ICANN has today issued a request for public comment on how it should process the 1930 applications it has received for new Top-Level Domains.

The statement confirms ICANN has already begun evaluating applications based on a tentative project plan that foresees the processing of applications in a single batch.

The current plan indicates that initial evaluations under the single batch method can be completed in 11 to 12 months resulting in publication of results by June or July 2013.

Importantly, today's notice indicates ICANN is conservatively estimating that the earliest delegation of new Top-Level Domains would be in the late third quarter of 2013, which is six months later than originally expected.

However, the problem ICANN now faces is that there will be a requirement for some method of 'metering' applications into the delegation process in anticipation of a high number of applications reaching the pre-delegation phase at the same time. This is because the single evaluation batch still doesn't resolve the issue of only adding 1,000 new TLDs per year, a commitment ICANN has made based on technical feedback to ensure the security and stability of the root zone.

The aim of the public comment request is to seek community input on exactly how this metering method should be developed. The questions ICANN is seeking to be answered are:

1. Should the metering or smoothing consider releasing evaluation results, and transitioning applications into the contract execution and pre-delegation testing phases, at different times?

  • How can applications be allocated to particular release times in a fair and equitable way?
  • Would this approach provide sufficient smoothing of the delegation rate?
  • Provide reasoning for selecting this approach.

2. Should the metering or smoothing be accomplished by downstream metering of application processing (i.e., in the contract execution, pre-delegation testing or delegation phases)?

  • How can applications be allocated to a particular timing in contract execution, pre-delegation testing, or delegation in a fair and equitable way?
  • Provide reasoning for selecting this approach.

3. Include a statement describing the level of importance that the order of evaluation and delegation has for your application.

All public comments can be sent to ICANN via the following email address: newgtld-input@icann.org

As an active member of the ICANN community, ARI Registry Services will be submitting a response to ICANN's request for comment soon.


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