AusRegistry International selected as Registry Services Partner by leading applicant for new Top Level Domain Names

18 June 2009

Melbourne, Australia: AusRegistry International today announced that gTLD Revolution, a new entity created to pursue new Top Level Domains, has selected them as the preferred backend Registry Services provider and consultants. This includes the provision of backend Registry Services and Consulting Services by way of the preparation of the new Top Level Domain applications to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

gTLD Revolution CEO Dean Shannon, serial internet entrepreneur and founder of successful internet businesses such as Dark Blue Sea, and many more, has announced his intention to revolutionise the internet domain space by providing genuine choice and flexibility for internet users worldwide whilst generating competition and much-needed price pressure on Verisign's .com monopoly.

Shannon stated that, "after a worldwide search and selection process, gTLD Revolution has selected AusRegistry International to provide all of our technical infrastructure requirements. AusRegistry International is clearly a standout competitor in this market as they have considerable experience in delivering world's best practice Registry Services via .au and other TLDs globally."

"Their Registry System is the most comprehensive we have seen in the market and they were able to offer gTLD Revolution high levels of scalability along with competitive pricing. This, along with their undisputed experience in providing Consulting Services to their clients and intricate knowledge of ICANN's new TLD program, made this a relatively easy choice for us."

gTLD Revolution has announced intentions to apply for the following:

  • .web - the first truly generic space to compete directly with the increasingly overcrowded .COM space
  • .money - designed to provide a dedicated home for all things financial - from stock tips to mortgage brokers
  • .phone - working with handset manufacturers, telcos and software providers to develop a range of innovations to enhance navigation and usability

- and intends to announce plans for more in the very near future.

AusRegistry International CEO, Adrian Kinderis today said, "we are extremely proud to be selected by Dean Shannon and his team to provide Registry Services for such great TLDs. Dean has enjoyed great success through his various online businesses and our team is very excited by the opportunity to provide our gTLD products and services that we have been carefully refining over the past year or so."

Applications for new gTLDs are likely to open in early 2010 however, it's important for TLD operators to start cementing their plans as soon as possible.

Kinderis continued, "selecting a Registry Services Provider is really just one of the many steps that a potential applicant must go through and we are happy that we will have sufficient time to work with Dean before applications are submitted. This is something that most people in the industry aren't really paying enough attention to. We are providing assistance to many of our clients and are suggesting to them that time is of the essence given that large amount of planning and time commitment required to actually ensure that a new TLD is going to be a success."

About AusRegistry International

AusRegistry International is a wholly owned subsidiary of AusRegistry Pty Ltd, the current Registry Operator for the .au ccTLD. The organisation was formed to leverage AusRegistry's DNS expertise and infrastructure and to provide the platform for the innovative usage of this technology in the provision of 'World's Best Practice' Domain Name Registry Services globally.

AusRegistry International has most recently deployed their Registry software in the United Arab Emirates for the .ae ccTLD and has a proven and credible track record in providing a wide range of technical and advisory services for the full spectrum of TLD Regulators and Registry Operators.

About gTLD Revolution

gTLD Revolution will apply for a range of new TLDs, from fully-open direct challengers to .com to smaller, niche-focussed TLDs that will service particular market segments. The launch phase for each of these TLDs will feature best-practice Rights Protection Mechanisms to ensure that trademark holders from around the globe are able to effectively and efficiently protect their interests in these exciting new domain spaces.

gTLD Revolution website

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