ICANN officially approves the new Top-Level Domain program

Applications to open in January 2012

June 20th 2011, Singapore

Today the biggest change to the internet in its history was given official approval in Singapore, allowing domain names to expand beyond .com to .anything, fuelling a boom for the global digital economy.

After six years of protracted debate, board members from the global governing body for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), approved the new Top-Level Domain program - under which companies, entrepreneurs and communities can apply for their own authentic name space - moving from Sony.com to .sony for example.

Approval of the new Top-Level Domain Program by the ICANN board marks the commencement of a global communications campaign, prior to the opening of a three month application window starting in January 2012.

See ICANN's new launch timeline below:


With the program now officially approved and a clear timeline set for launch, there is now a new sense of urgency for potential applicants to finalise their new Top-Level Domain strategies and prepare for this revolutionary shift.

To discuss the steps needed to maximise your new Top-Level Domain opportunity, please contact AusRegistry International: info@ausregistry.com

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About AusRegistry International

AusRegistry International is one of the top companies globally with the domain name registry technology and expertise to activate, implement and manage new Top-Level Domains. Leveraging ten years of experience as a domain name registry operator, AusRegistry International will provide new Top-Level Domain applicants with the same software and consulting services that currently drive the .au (Australian), the .ae (United Arab Emirates), the .qa (Qatar) and .om (Oman) country codes. Additionally, AusRegistry International is the first domain name registry to operate non-Latin, country code Top-Level Domains and a global leader in the continued innovation and expansion of the Domain Name System.

Visit www.ausregistry.com or find out more about the new Top-Level Domain program here: www.beyonddotcom.info