First new TLDs to launch mid-2013 with support of ARI Registry Services

ARI Registry Services supports five of the first 27 new Top-Level Domains to pass initial evaluation

26th March 2013

Melbourne, Australia – 26 March 2013 - The first 27 of 1898 new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to join the likes of .com, .net and .au live on the Internet took a major step forward towards activation over the weekend.

Following nine months evaluating the applications, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released results of its evaluation of the first new TLD applications.

Within the first batch to pass ICANN's rigorous evaluation were five applications that chose technology and infrastructure company ARI Registry Services as their back-end domain name registry technology provider. These are:

  • شبكة. (translates to .web in Arabic) by applicant, International Domain Registry
  • عرب. (translates to .arab in Arabic) by applicant, League of Arab States
  • كاثوليك. (translates to .catholic in Arabic) by applicant, Pontifical Council for Social Communication
  • .网店 (translates to .webstore in Chinese) by applicant, Global eCommerce TLD Asia
  • .天主教 (translates to .catholic in Chinese) by applicant, Pontifical Council for Social Communication

The first batch of applicants to receive approval are all non-Latin scripts in languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic, a reflection of ICANN's decision to prioritise applications that help diversify the geographic spread of the Internet. The results of applications from major brands and those for terms such as .shop, .web and .app will be released in subsequent 30-per-week batches up until August 2013.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, welcomed the release of the evaluation results.

"We are proud to have five new Top-Level Domain clients among the very first to pass evaluation," Mr Kinderis said.

"ARI Registry Services put significant work into writing the technical components of the application for all our clients and it is pleasing to see our efforts pay off with our clients receiving near-perfect scores. This is a reflection of our technical expertise in the industry and demonstrates how we are kicking goals on the global technology stage."

Mr Kinderis said the next step in the process is for applicants to sign the ICANN registry contract followed by pre-delegation technical testing before go live on the Internet.

"This is an exciting time in the program and we are only months away from seeing the first new Top-Level Domain live on the Internet. It is my prediction that the first new domain will be شبكة., which translates to .web in Arabic. The best part is of course, that we will be a part of it. We are very proud of our involvement in this significant and sweeping change to the way we will navigate the internet."

Mr Kinderis went on to say: "We have had a long involvement in the Middle East and North African region. Supporting these new Arabic names will increase our engagement and commitment to the region. We will continue our expansion into this developing region with gusto. These truly are exciting times for internet users."

For more information about how you can register your own شبكة. website address, please contact: More information will be made available closer to the go live date.

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