ARI Registry Services powers first new Top-Level Domains

24th October 2013

ARI Registry Services is at the forefront of the new Top-Level Domain program as it supports شبكة. to become one of the first of 1400 new domains introduced to the web alongside .com, .net and .au.

Melbourne, Australia – 24 October 2013 - Today marks the biggest change to the Internet in its history as the first of around 1400 new Top-Level Domains are officially added to the web 28 years since the introduction of .com.

Melbourne-based Internet infrastructure company ARI Registry Services is at the forefront of this evolution as the appointed technology provider for dotShabaka Registry, the applicant for the شبكة. Top-Level Domain (.shabaka, translates to .web in English) and one of the first new domains to be delegated.

Today’s milestone sees شبكة. (along with three other new Top-Level Domains) added to the root zone of the Internet – the web’s authoritative servers which contain the master list of the IP addresses of all the Top-Level Domain registries.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, highlighted the significance of today’s milestone.

“The delegation of شبكة. and the other new Top-Level Domains will revolutionise the way we all use the Internet,” Mr Kinderis said. “We are making history today and our children will look back on this moment as the day when the Internet matured beyond its humble origins.”

Mr Kinderis said he was proud that ARI Registry Services is contributing to the creation of a global and truly multilingual Internet.

“Previously, there were only 22 generic Top-Level Domains like .com, .org and .net and they exclusively serviced the English speaking community at the expense of the 5 billion non-English speakers around the globe. Through our support of شبكة., we are enabling the world’s first cross-border Arabic Top-Level Domain which will provide Arabic Internet users with an end-to-end online experience in their native language.”

Mr Kinderis noted that ARI Registry Services has been a trailblazer for every facet of new Top-Level Domain program.

“In 2008, we contributed to the creation of the technical protocols to enable non-Latin scripts like شبكة. to work on the Internet. Through this work, we were part of the very first non-Latin country domain name suffix to be added to the Internet."

“Fast forward six years and we are now part of the first new Top-Level Domain to sign a contract, the first technology provider to pass the program’s stringent testing regime, and now one of the first to be added live on the Internet. We have been paving the way for the world to embrace the next evolution of the Internet at every step of the program,” Mr Kinderis said.

Following today’s announcement, the next steps in the launch process will enable trademark holders to protect their brands in the newly introduced namespaces and registrants will get their first opportunity to lay claim to highly sought-after domain names.

Today’s milestone means شبكة. will now technically operate on the Internet thanks to the technology of ARI Registry Services.

dotShabaka Registry announced the official launch of شبكة. for domain name registrations will take place in the next couple of months. For more information on how you can purchase a شبكة. domain name, please visit: نقطة-شبكة.امارات or

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