IDN ccTLD Fast Track Consultancy Services

IDN ccTLD Fast Track Consultancy Services

ARI's extensive IDN experience

  • Involvement with the IETF development process for the IDNA2008 protocol
  • Successful implementation of non-Latin IDN-enabled ccTLD Registry System
  • Providing consultancy assistance to other Fast Track Program participants

Leverage our experience to ensure you are fully prepared to take advantage of this opportunity with ARI's IDN ccTLD Fast Track Consultancy Services, including the following:

Application assistance

  • Assistance with the preparation of your Fast Track application

IDN Policy development

  • Designing language tables
  • Designing variant tables
  • Review of flow-on effects to existing policies, including reserved lists

Implementation guidance

  • Platform-independent advice
  • Unicode-enabling existing systems
  • Advice on replacing legacy systems