.anything – What's your big idea?


Hundreds of savvy entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the new Top-Level Domain Program and are set to capitalise on the greatest revenue generation opportunity presented since the birth of the Domain Name System. A generic word TLD presents an opportunity to secure a slice of the multi-billion dollar domain name industry, forever.

Considering the most popular Top-Level Domain, .com, generates revenues of over US$600 million per year, from approximately 100 million domain name registrations, a new generic word Top-Level Domain that achieves even 1% of .com's market share is a revenue generation opportunity well worth contemplating.

A research report commissioned by ARI Registry Services found strong potential for entrepreneurs to monetise second-level domains within a new Top-Level Domain, with 49% of small businesses describing themselves as likely to register a web address under a new domain. The report found entrepreneurs are poised to make multi-million dollar annual returns for certain generic words. More information can be found in our research report here.

Applications for .anything TLDs closed in May 2012. For further information on subsequent application rounds, please contact ARI Registry Services using the contact form below.

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