.emarat (United Arab Emirates) IDN ccTLD

In 2010, the .ae Domain Administration (aeDA) applied to ICANN for the امارات.(.emarat) Arabic script ccTLD as part of ICANN's IDN ccTLD Fast Track program.

The IDN ccTLD Fast Track program was created by ICANN to allow organisations representing countries that use non-Latin scripts to apply for their full country name, an abbreviation or other representation of their country name using their native script. The implementation of IDN ccTLDs represents a historic step forward in terms of inclusiveness for those countries that use non-Latin scripts and will be a crucial milestone towards the bridging of the digital divide in these countries.

ARI Registry Services (ARI) has supplied aeDA with upgraded Domain Name Registry Software which includes full IDN support, based on the IDNA2008 standard, to be used for the امارات.(.emarat) Arabic script ccTLD Registry.

ARI is also assisting aeDA with the development of policies to cater for the additional complexities inherent in an IDN ccTLD, as well as with the design of launch processes, including Sunrise and Landrush phases, to ensure the smooth implementation of this new TLD.