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ICANN's new Top-Level Domain program will introduce branded lighthouses such as .nike, .amex and .bmw into the daily navigational behaviours of Internet consumers across the world. Many brands have already confirmed their intentions including: Google, Amazon, IBM, Sony Australian Football League (AFL) and iiNet. .

All these brands will inherit increased:

  • Ownership – A branded slice of Internet real-estate forever
  • Protection – Reinforced protection for your brand and IP online
  • Differentiation – A clear point of difference for your brand within the online channel
  • Instant recall – Succinct and memorable message recall, driving efficiency of communication
  • Cut through – Clear, intuitive and definitive delivery of call-to-action messaging
  • Security – World's best practice domain name security
  • Trust – A branded authoritative space on the web that delivers trust and assurance to your audience

Applications for .brand TLDs closed in May 2012. For further information on subsequent application rounds, please contact ARI Registry Services using the contact form below.

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