Country-Code TLDs

Country-Code TLDs

ARI Registry Services (ARI) is a specialised, full-service provider that offers a flexible, world-class Domain Registry Service to suit the varying needs of ccTLD operators around the world.

ARI Registry Services carries global experience across three continents in the provision of Domain Name Registry Services. Our Registry System and Software supports the online navigation experience for the following countries:

  • Australia .au ccTLD
  • South Africa .za ccTLD
  • UAE .ae ccTLD & امارات . IDN ccTLD
  • Qatar .qa ccTLD & قطر . IDN ccTLD
  • Oman .om ccTLD & عمان . IDN ccTLD

For a confidential discussion on ARI Registry Services credentials within the ccTLD space, please contact us via the form provided below.

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