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AusRegistry International to attend ICANN Live Outreach Meetings

Monday, July 20th, 2009

By Axia Jarnblad

With the introduction of new gTLDs in early 2010, ICANN is organising meetings at different locations across the world as part of the Global Consultation and Outreach program. Meetings have been held earlier this week in New York and London and upcoming events are also scheduled for Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong in the near future.

These meetings have been specifically organised to educate businesses, trademark experts, professional associations, consumer and other civil society groups, members of the domain name industry, government officials, potential applicants and the ICANN community on the progress of the new gTLD program and to facilitate feedback for further improvements.

Being heavily involved in the domain name industry and the new gTLD process, senior AusRegistry International staff will be in attendance at the meetings in both Hong Kong (24th July) and Abu Dhabi (4th August).

As the two events will focus mainly on new gTLDs and Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) they are of special interest to AusRegistry International as we have been active in both of these areas for quite some time.

View the meeting agenda for Hong Kong at:

View the meeting agenda for Abu Dhabi at:

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