APTLD calls on ICANN to finalise IDN ccTLD Fast Track process

Published on September 16th, 2009

By Jon Lawrence

Jonathan Shea, the Chair of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) has written to Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the ICANN Board, urging that the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Implementation Plan be ‘finalised and approved with no more delay’.

Shea’s letter, dated 31st August, addresses the three issues that are of primary concern to much of the ccTLD community:

– he repeats earlier calls from both the ccNSO and GAC that, due to the non-profit nature of many ccTLD registries, the proposed fees should not be mandatory;
– similarly, he urges that formal agreements between ICANN and IDN ccTLD Managers should be voluntary, and;
– he demands that IDN variant strings must be delegated to the same IDN ccTLD Manager, who should have ‘the prerogative to deploy both the normal and variant strings to meet the needs of the local community’.

AusRegistry International is an Associate member of APTLD and we support the Association’s call for the IDN Fast Track Program to be finalised as soon as possible.

As reported in our review of the recent APTLD meeting, we understand that ICANN staff are working towards having the Implementation Plan ready for a Board vote at the next ICANN meeting in Seoul, in late October.

We, along with our clients in the ccTLD community, very much hope that the Implementation Plan will be ready for the Seoul meeting and that the Board will approve it.

See APTLD’s letter to ICANN (pdf).

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